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    Vastra directions are the most important subject in Vastu. Without knowing the directions we cannot find fault according to Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad in the campus.The former (Purv) is ruled by the Sun or the Sun God. The former represents the essence of all beginnings from where the sun rises. It is recommended that windows of the main gate and a house face east. Reasoning- This is both a sign of sun worship and also as a way to optimize the amount of sunlight and the creation of air entering the morning, because the ultraviolet rays of morning sunlight are the interior of the house. Can swallow and kill all bacteria that would multiply during the night.


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    Here you may have got a doubt, According to Vastu Consultant in Noida in some places we can not see the sun because of the clouds to find out the directions, yes you are almost right, and your suspicion at this time we must have compass, very valuable Is, is like compass. In this way, below is compass, with this tool we can easily find directions in any weather, we can easily find directions on morning and night also.You have seen this compass above, very useful for locating your directions. See below the picture here, how the compass is rotating.


    Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad

    The compass is rotating above, this is for your information only, Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad says to see the flash file moving below, so that you can easily get directions. The sun is rising that is east direction, a man is standing in front of the sun, north direction to the left of man and south direction to the right of man, north (north) is ruled by the god of wealth, Kubera. The man is west facing backwards.

    Vastu Expert in Noida

    Office for Vastu - a method to create a creative space of work mood. Deep concepts of Vastu Expert in Noida apply everywhere. There is nothing irrational about Vastu in this. Rather, this science of design and interiors guarantees healthiness, large productivity, and a happy atmosphere inside the office area that is one of the most scientific methods. The straightforward techniques adopted in the office system will deliver an understandable change inside environment. Remember, Vastu Shastra, contrary to typical belief, is not going to want constant demolition.

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    For workplaces, an outsized entrance is extremely interesting. This is a single aspect which should assure you not just an outsized entrance being fully aided by speed, but jointly a sway of capaciousness, that one positively influences the personnel involved and attendees alike. Inside the northeast corner of a fountain or entrance lobby is also a good idea to insert a tank as drinking water is an arbitrary idea of ​​relaxing and quieting the extras. Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad advise to stay away from putting furnace parts inside the entrance. Some worlds have been properly illuminated. In case you have a non-secular bent, then you will place the place pictures of religious deities inside the entrance lobby. If you really do not want this, then a Vastu authority will advise the strategic placement of vastu pyramids and uniquely powerful objects. Ideally, the entrance needs to be east or east facing. In addition, the gate should not face a tee fork.

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