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    But Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon is not limited to just its hall kitchen entrance door worship room or bedroom. Toilets and bathrooms become a major source of negative energy or if they are not built according to the rules and guidelines of Vastu. As per Vastu Shastra, toilets and bathrooms in a house should not be separated and enclosed, but more than 7 billion people on earth and 70 water of the earth's surface are therefore limited to living in space and thus attached toilets or Enclosed bathrooms are doing as some people have found a way into our homes.

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    According to Vastu Consultant in Faridabad is the commode facing towards the western east direction that is completely wrong. Bath rooms and toilets are also important areas to be maintained and built as per Vastu Shastra for a peaceful life. In the construction of toilets using Parivar Vastu, health is important to avoid any problems related to happiness and wealth.

    Vastu Consultants in Faridabad

    We should not use according to traditional Indian Vastu Shastra. Vastu Consultants in Faridabad says to Avoid toilets in the North East and East. Please note that this commode is under the roof that is why we thought that the old days principles could not be applied to do it seriously.The alternative direction for the construction of the toilet is southeast. Just check with these guildlines and fix required. Clean your premises twice a week with Vastu salt.

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    Western commode positions according to foreigners and vastu expert in Gurgaon. While building a house Vastu Shastra helps us in erecting a structure in a way that provides us a lot of benefits. Toilets in a home are known to be places where negative energies are found to flutter live evil and unpleasant things can happen.Toilets and bathrooms become a source of negative energy as they are most neglected in terms of cleaning and repair. The enclosed toilet in the bathroom should also be in this direction only, considering the placement of the North West model toilet. This helps a person to build the room to increase positive vibration by using the correct direction placement colors and positions.

    Vastu Expert In Faridabad


    According to Vastu a toilet or bathroom has never been located in the center or in the northeast location of a building and it should always be kept at a high level. If you are going to a new home or office, clean your premises with Vastu salt to drive away any negative energy of the previous resident. A bathtub should be positioned, so this one faces towards the south.The condition of toilets should be compliant with Vastu rules in every way. There are some rules for appointment of toilets. Mirrors are placed only on the north and east side walls. Vastu treatment improvements place Vastu energy crystals near your bed grid. vastu expert in Faridabad provides ultimate guide to the construction and architecture of homes. Be it in Vastu Shastra bedroom home office meditation room kids or your kitchen vastu shastra also has specific tips for every area of ​​a house, setting guidelines for bathroom and toilet. The reason may be as per Vastu if not toilet.

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