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There are heaps of vested rewards if a worker decides to follow Vastu tips for office in his everyday life. Change your work routine according to Indian Vastu Shastra and wield authority and power situations to turn in your favor. Many Indian Vastu Experts in Delhi gives Vastu Tips for Office Workers. while facing the eastern or northern direction is auspicious.Office workers should not be sitting under a beam.When facing east, it is advisable to keep it heavy on the left side of the table, while making sure that it stays on the right side, and vice versa.The cash drawer of the table should always be slightly open when the person is present in the room.This table show is not auspicious for placing idols and pictures of God on dishonor.One should not indulge in time pass activities such as reading magazines on the work table.Vastu for office advice against cluttering the office desk.Do not sleep while placing the head on the table as this goes to bring down the energy level.


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Vastu Experts in Delhi NCR gives the vastu for bedroom. Other bedrooms can be constructed on the eastern or northern end of the master bedroom. According to Vastu Experts Instead a side bulb or a night lamp should always be lit as suggested architectural tips for the master bedroom.

Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR

The length is 20 feet then the width lies between 10 feet to 40 feet. Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR says a light yellow or white color should be avoided. Vastu Expert tells If you want to have a bookshelf in the west or southwest corner of your bedroom is according to the architectural guidelines for a bedroom.

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Vastu Experts Near me gives vastu tips for bedroom which helps you to decide where your bedroom is whether you should be in the house for sleeping on the basis of a married couple. Bed placement as per Vastu should be placed with head towards east or south as per your bed vastu. The northeast corner bedroom cannot be used by the larger of the house.

Vastu Expert Near me

Vastu Shastra states that it is best for master bedroom in south southwest direction and west direction. Some architectural pundits can only take at least 5 to 10 minutes in the bedroom to inspect every part and specifically the location of the bedroom. Vastu Expert Near me gives you 15 Vastu Shastra suggestions for your bedroom.

Here they cannot be wrong because Vastu tips for bedroom is most important in Vastu Shastra and in human life. The bedroom as per Vastu recommends that the bedroom should not be any calendar photo statues or sculptures. The bed in the guest room may have its head west.

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Vastu Expert in Delhi suggests that bedroom doors must always be opened to a maximum of 90. The master bedroom is just perfect for building in the southwest direction. Now in this case, if the bedroom is rectangular, then the width ratio is less than or equal to 12 such as per bedroom Vastu Shastra to be the appropriate length.

Vastu Expert tells While sleeping your head should face south as it is the most calm and comfortable direction. The accepted sizes for Vastu Shastra form per bedroom are square or rectangular. As per Vastu Shastra, toilets and bathrooms in a house should not be separated and enclosed, but more than 7 billion people on earth and 70 water of the earth's surface are therefore limited to living in space and thus attached toilets or Enclosed bathrooms are doing as some people have found a way into our homes.

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